studio ghibli + grass rolling in the wind

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Katherine Wolkoff- Deer Beds

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SUNNYSIDEUPリブ ショートソックス

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Francis Alys - Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing (1997)

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The Refutation of “Good Hair” and the “Consumption” of Kanekalon hair

By Deborah Frempong

New York based photographer, Nakeya B’s work is noted for its relatability and ability to flip the gaze on to the viewer, forcing them to see themselves in her photographed subjects. This characteristic is replicated in her photo series on ‘Good Hair’, an exploration of the obsession and consumption of  “natural feeling, lighter, softer” Kanekalon hair, within the black community.

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Thank you to Deborah Fempong and African & Afro-Diasporan Art Talks.

Opening Snapchat in my Room

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Opening Snapchat in the studio

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